Bed bug Dog

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Beg bugs suck human blood and if you don’t have any other reason to destroy them do so for the sake of your precious blood. Take action against them in your surroundings by calling us to carry out a thorough inspection of your homes, offices, business premises or wherever you suspect them to be hiding around you.

When a pest inspector comes to inspect your surroundings in the hope of identifying the presence of bed bugs, his accuracy is limited. This is because of the limited scope of the human eye in detecting very small things. He can not see into cracks and crevices; or beneath the furniture; or under the rug and places that are really hidden. That is where the bed bug dog comes in.

With our bed bug dogs which are specially trained to detect this particular type of pest no matter how far they are hidden, you are rest assured that the end to bed bugs in your life has come.

With the endorsement by The US Environmental Protection Agency, the best pest control agencies have adopted the use of bed bug dogs and we have trained and certified dogs to carry out these services. The dogs use their sense of smell which guarantees 90-95% accuracy in detecting the hiding places of bed bugs.

One reason why you need to engage our services is that we are experts at doing this job. We have a track record of eliminating pests of which bed bugs is one of our major focuses. We believe that this is an essential service and a bed bug free environment is a healthy environment. Our men are well trained and certified on the job and they work with the latest technology in pest control.


Our decision to include dog detection is to ensure that no stone is left unturned and the customer is satisfied at the end of the day.One of the advantages of bed bug dogs is that they save you the extra cost of costly insecticide. Rather than spraying insecticide all over your dwelling place regardless of whether bed bugs are everywhere or not, bud bug dogs will go to the exact spots where the insects are hiding and those are the spots that will be treated.

Another advantage is that you save up a lot of time it will take you to detect bed bugs. Bed bug dogs are able to identify the presence of the insects in just two minutes! That’s fast and so you do not have to endure any extra days for the problem to get solved because once they are detected, they are eliminated.


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