Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs What are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs come in different varieties, the ones we are referring to are the ones that suck human blood.  If you have a bed bugs infestation more than likely you have some living in your bed mattress.  Theses bugs come out just before dawn and suck your blood while you lie sleeping.  These bites from bed bugs will usually occur once a week and sometimes they go without feeding from 6 months to 1 year.

Bed bugs can also be found in different places. But most often you will find them in your mattress; the box spring, the seams, and often the linens. But, they can be anywhere where people sleep, in furniture, in books, on the carpet, basically anywhere they can hide.

Can bed bugs be dangerous?

Bed bugs are not dangerous. But their bites are very annoying and can cause skin rashes and irritations. .  If you have bed bugs the problem will increase if you do not do anything to remove them.  Each bed bug can usually lay 4-5 eggs per day and that can quickly multiply into a large infestation.  So it is a good idea to eradicate them quickly.  If you are not sure whether you have a bed bug infestation, our bed bugs dog service can detect and exterminate them for you.

Bed Bug Dog

The recent outbreaks of bed bugs in the United States are mostly due to the banning of certain extermination chemicals that were very effective in eliminating these insects in the past.  Since then, these insects have also developed immunity to the pesticides that are available in the market, thus making them very difficult to kill.  If you have an infestation of bed bugs it is a good idea to call us, we utilize bed bugs dogs that are professionally trained and experienced in eliminating this plague.

How did they get into my house?

Some people wonder how they got a bed bugs infestation.  There are some common ways of getting an infestation:

1) If you live in an apartment, a bed bugs infestation can occur when they live or crawl between the walls. So if your neighbor has them, then you probably do as well.

2) If you have traveled recently or frequently, many hotels have bed bugs infestations. This is more likely with travel outside the country. Bed bugs will transport themselves in your luggage to your home.  Only one bed bug is needed to start an infestation.

3) On your clothing, although this is rare, you could bring them into your house in this manner.

4) Used clothing or furniture.  If you purchase used furniture or used clothing sometimes there could be bed bugs in them.  This is a fairly common method of bringing a bed bugs problem into your home.

5) Where you work, if you regularly visit other people’s homes you could very easily bring bed bugs back with you.